Who are we ?

At Trademinds, we are passionate about online trading - especially in the Amazon marketplaces.

That's why we help small and large businesses succeed in the Amazon marketplaces around the world.

For us, trade is the key word and what we love to spend our brains on.

For us, trade means marketing, sales and relationships.


A good deal is always Win-Win, so therefore we only work with customers where we believe we can make a difference on their bottom line.

With our many years of experience in marketing and online sales, we have chosen to specialize in Amazon, because we love a good challenge, and because it is a marketplace in rapid development, where it is important to constantly follow in order to achieve the best results.

We love working with Amazon because Amazon makes it possible to trade with hundreds of millions of people in a short amount of time if you know how to approach it.

So feel free to leave everything related to Amazon to us so we can get your brand out to millions of people.

We make the hassle easy and our experience saves you months of work, planning and costly mistakes.


We're doing it right the first time.

With us you can finally.



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Jacob Lindeberg

With a bachelor's degree in marketing, economics and entrepreneurship in the bag, Jacob drives customers' business forward. In addition, Jacob has run an independent business for 7 years, and has, among other things. started its own Private Label Brand on Amazon.com.

Lucas Ullerup

Lucas is sales and marketing manager for Trademinds, and for our customers.

Lucas has collaborated with major international brands such as Coca Cola, IKEA & Disney when it comes to communication and marketing.

Mikkel Grønne

Mikkel is an expert in the European markets, and is responsible to our customers for the maximum success on Amazon.

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With over 30 orders shipped per second, Amazon is the world's largest marketplace.

Many customers start their search on Amazon.

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